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Why Choose Us For Asbestos Removal?

Asbestos Removal Sydney

  • At D & J Kelly Building Co, we pride ourselves on safety. We never take shortcuts and go above and beyond all required safety legislation to ensure our staff and customers are never put at risk.
  • We provide hassle-free asbestos removal for commercial and residential properties in the Greater Sydney region. Our team of specialist asbestos technicians are fully licensed and accredited. Clear communication is provided with every step of the project so you know exactly what is happening. Our team of tradespeople approaches each project with a “Make Good” approach, providing a range of options including relining of walls, eaves, roofing and building modifications.
  • On completion of the project, we provide you with a written guarantee of works carried out to NSW WorkCover guidelines and standards. We use Phil Clifton & Assoc. to provide air monitoring and clearance. If required, we use excavation equipment to remove concrete slabs and provide soil remediation.
  • Before we commence works, we complete a relevant site-specific work method statement to ensure that we recognise all risks and can complete the project safely. The area will be cordoned off with temporary fencing including appropriate safety signage. If needed, we can advise neighbours of works and handle any of their concerns for you.
  • Our commitment to expert service is evident in the fact that we only use approved PPE and 200mm plastic to wrap, handle and dispose of hazardous material.
  • You will be given proof of legal disposal at our approved asbestos collection facility with the final invoice.

Click here to view our relevant licences and certificates

Asbestos Removal Sydney

We provide reliable asbestos services in Sydney.

  • Expert workmanship and 5-star service.
  • Low-cost rates
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Sydney wide service
  • Free quotes available

Asbestos Removal Sydney Experts!

Danger Sign: Asbestos Removal

  • Safe removal and disposal of asbestos
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Sydney asbestos removal experts
  • All work logged with NSW WorkCover
  • Safe and professional service
  • All technicians have undertaken relevant training and associated medical checkups
  • LIC #AD210753 Daniel Kelly

Sydney Asbestos Services

Sydney Asbestos Removal Team

If you believe you have discovered asbestos material on your property, do not disturb it! Household asbestos is a serious issue. Contact D & J Kelly Building Co and one of our licensed asbestos removal technicians can establish a plan to remove it.

We are your local Sydney asbestos experts! We service all suburbs in Sydney including Parramatta, Blacktown, Baulkham Hills, Penrith and the Northern Beaches.

Give us a call today for a free Sydney asbestos removal quote.


There is no need for illegal asbestos dumping, call us for affordable, professional and reliable asbestos disposal. We are fully licensed asbestos removalists.

Asbestos Removal Cost Sydney

How much does asbestos removal cost in Sydney? Search online and you will see rates for residential asbestos removal from $35 to $150 per square metre. Call us for the best quotes on asbestos removal for residential and commercial properties in Sydney.

Asbestos Removal Sydney

Address: 61 Francis St, Richmond NSW 2753

Phone: 1300 977 116

Website: sydneyasbestossolutions.com.au

Commercial Asbestos Removal In Western Sydney

At D & J Kelly Building Co we are committed to providing expert workmanship and first-rate service. Our goal is to provide the most recommended asbestos service in Western Sydney. Whenever you need friable asbestos removal in Sydney, we want you to think of our team. We stringently follow all relevant requirements provided by legislative and government bodies in order to provide our valued customers with reliable services.

  • Did you know that one in three Australian homes contain asbestos?
  • Do you know where asbestos could be in your family home?
  • Have you identified asbestos materials in your commercial facility?

Our team of experienced technicians can safely and efficiently examine, test and rectify any asbestos issues throughout your property. From the dog kennel to the gutters and everywhere in between, at D & J Kelly Building Co we are committed to helping you create a safe environment in your property free of asbestos products. We are your one-stop solution to asbestos removal and disposal in Sydney.

Was your home built before 1987?

Products made from bonded asbestos cement may be situated in your water drainage pipes, roof shingles, guttering system, walls or ceiling. If fire, hail or high-pressure blasting damages bonded asbestos products, it may become friable asbestos material and legally must be removed by a licensed friable asbestos removalist. Whether you are remodelling your home, in the middle of a demolition project or just doing research, call us for the best service and advice on handling asbestos.

Have You Found Asbestos On Your Property?

Don’t cut it! Don’t drill it! Don’t drop it! Don’t sand it! Don’t saw it! Don’t scrape it! Don’t scrub it! Don’t dismantle it! Don’t tip it! Don’t demolish it! And whatever you do… Don’t dump it!

The Department Of Health has created a helpful guide to managing risks associated with occasional encounters with asbestos materials on your domestic property – See Asbestos - A Guide For Householders & The General Public.

Residential Asbestos Remediation In Richmond, Sydney, NSW5 Reasons You Will Love Our Sydney Asbestos Removal Services

1 - Our team of fully licensed, qualified and insured asbestos removal Penrith technicians are industry experts (LIC Number AD210753 Class B). Don't risk using amateurs. Take the stress out of removing asbestos from your property by relying on the industry professionals. As recommended by the Australian Government at asbestosawareness.com.au only licensed asbestos removalists are recommended to remove and dispose of asbestos.

2 - As we are qualified builders, we have created innovative methodologies that take into consideration who's coming next after the asbestos has been removed. We complete the job each and every time.

3 - We are a family owned and operated company. Friendly service and respect are hallmarks of D & J Kelly Building Co.

4- If you have been searching for cost-effective asbestos removal services, you are going to be impressed with our competitive rates. Whether you are searching for asbestos removal for a 3-bedroom house or for your industrial complex, we have the staff, expertise and experience you can rely on.

5 - Our asbestos removalist experts dispose of asbestos at approved waste facilities (such as Suez, Kemps Creek). All work is carried out in compliance with the Asbestos Legislation Act NSW. On completion of the project, you will be provided with a Written Certification that the project has been carried out complying with all standards in the NSW WorkCover Guidelines and Codes.

Simple Solutions For Complex Problems

Asbestos Testing On Commercial Building In Greater Western SydneyLocally owned and operated, we provide a comprehensive range of asbestos services throughout Sydney, the Western Suburbs and New South Wales. Would you like more information on asbestos removal grants in NSW? Give us a call today!

With close working relationships with Local Councils and Legislative Bodies, D & J Kelly Building Co is the team you can rely on to get the job done right the first time.

Where Is Your Asbestos Problem?

  • Asbestos roofing
  • Bathroom asbestos
  • Asbestos garages
  • Asbestos fencing
  • Soil contamination
  • Asbestos wall cladding
  • Commercial facilities

D & J Kelly Building Co has simple, cost-effective solutions. Our asbestos inspection and testing services use state of the art technologies. To discover how we can help, give us a call today on 0418 633 549.

What Type Of Asbestos Do You Need Removed?

  • Asbestos sheets
  • Asbestos siding
  • Asbestos insulation
  • Asbestos walls
  • Asbestos ceiling sheets
  • Asbestos roofing
  • Asbestos floor

We are your one-stop asbestos solution. We provide visual inspections as well as NATA Accredited analysis. There is no job too big or small. Using our proven methodologies we can streamline the removal process and provide you with a written certificate for Development Application.

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Where Do We Service In Western Sydney?

Based in Richmond, we service residential, domestic and strata properties throughout all suburbs in the Greater Western Sydney region.

Blacktown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Wentworthville, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, Granville, Lakemba, Cabramatta, Doonside, Hawkesbury, Fairfield, St Marys Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Mt Druitt, Richmond, Ryde, Katoomba, Leura and the Blue Mountains.

As a true-blue Sydney company, we are dedicated to offering our neighbours with the highest quality property maintenance services. We approach every job knowing that your health and safety is in our hands. So with a firm resolve, we never cut corners and we never have off days.

Enjoy peace of mind asbestos removal.

Our customers have commented to us that they love using our services because they have complete confidence that we go above and beyond the industry standards. With full peace of mind and assurance, you can be certain that we undertake our works with your safety as our #1 priority.

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