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Why Choose Us For Asbestos Removal?

  • At D & J Kelly Building Co, we pride ourselves on safety. We never take shortcuts and go above and beyond all required safety legislation to ensure our staff and customers are never put at risk.
  • We provide hassle-free asbestos removal for commercial and residential properties in the Greater Sydney region. Our team of specialist asbestos technicians are fully licensed and accredited. Clear communication is provided every step of the project so you know exactly what is happening. Our team of tradespeople approaches each project with a “Make Good” approach, providing a range of options including relining of walls, eaves, roofing and building modifications.
  • On completion of the project, we provide you with a written guarantee of works carried out to NSW WorkCover guidelines and standards. We use Phil Clifton & Assoc. to provide air monitoring and clearance. If required, we use excavation equipment to remove concrete slabs and provide soil remediation.
  • Before we commence works, we complete a relevant site specific work method statement to ensure that we recognise all risks and can complete the project safely. The area will be cordoned off with temporary fencing including appropriate safety signage. If needed, we can advise neighbours of works and handle any of their concerns for you.
  • Our commitment to expert service is evident in the fact that we only use approved PPE and 200mm plastic to wrap, handle and dispose of hazardous material.
  • You will be given proof of legal disposal at our approved asbestos collection facility with the final invoice.

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Asbestos Removal Sydney Experts!

  • Safe removal and disposal of asbestos
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Sydney asbestos removal experts
  • All work logged with NSW WorkCover
  • Safe and professional service
  • All technicians have undertaken relevant training and associated medical checkups
  • LIC #AD210753 Daniel Kelly


If you believe you have discovered asbestos material on your property, do not disturb it! Contact D & J Kelly Building Co and one of our licensed asbestos removal technicians can establish a plan to remove it.

We are your local Sydney asbestos experts! Give us a call today for a free Sydney asbestos removal quote.

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    Asbestos Removal Sydney

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